Exceptional Programs

We have expanded our food pantry and other programs for our citizens in need. We established Lake Villa Township Charities a recognized 501 (c) 3 charity for the purpose of expanding services without utilizing taxpayer’s dollars. We now provide a host of expanded new programs to help our neighbors.

I was glad to host the Lake Villa Township Job Fair attended by hundreds of our neighbors looking for jobs or better jobs. The Job Fair offered job training and employment opportunities from dozens of area employees.

We have expanded out active recreational land. Through many partnerships and over $1 million in grants we have seen the Township’s recreational land grow from 20 acres to over 80 acres.

By opening Tiny’s Park we expanded the football fields from a shared football/baseball field to a dedicated football complex. We have also expanded our baseball fields from two Township fields to seven full-size baseball fields as well as two T-ball fields.

I am very proud of our acquisition and development of the former Gavin North school site into our West Campus facility. The 200,000 sq ft. facility gives us a gymnasium and ample room for residents and community groups to use.

We have added services that our senior citizens want, need, and deserve. We established the Township Transit, a destination-based transportation system. Township Transit has been a great success and will be expanded in a partnership with PACE and others. It provides an expanded destination-based transportation system in Lake Villa Township as well as Grant, Antioch, and Avon Township.

Enhanced Services

Dan Venturi has Enhanced Township Services

  • Hosted the first Township Job Fair attended by dozens of employers and over 1,000 members of the community.
  • Started popular senior programs including the entertainment lunch series.
  • Initiated the Township transit System to provide transportation for township residents. Partnering with the Transportation Alliance and Pace this spring, the Township will again expand transportation in Lake Villa Township.

 Re-Elected Dan Venturi Lake Villa Township Supervisor

Fiscally Responsible

Dan Venturi has been Fiscally Responsible

  • Reduced employee health care costs with cutting benefits
  • Aggressively pursued over 1.4 million dollars in grants to stretch taxpayer dollars.
  • Actively partnered with individual and volunteer groups to offer services with less tax dollars.
  • Real estate tax rate is the same as it was in 2001 when Dan Venturi was first elected Supervisor.

 Re-Elected Dan Venturi Lake Villa Township Supervisor

Expanded Facilities

Dan Venturi has Expanded Facilities

  • Township has expanded recreational land from 20 acres to over 80 acres.
  • Purchased and renovated the Old Gavin North school into the Township’s West Campus, adding 10,000 sq. ft. of room for community activities.
  • Secured $750,000 in grants for the acquisition of the 45 acre Dering Park and is pursuing another $400,000 in grants to develop three soccer fields, a nature trail, a youth camp area, and a trail/bike system.
  • Secured $300,000 in grants for the acquisition of Tiny’s Park which includes a new football field and two new baseball fields.

 Re-Elected Dan Venturi Lake Villa Township Supervisor